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Dankovych Natalia Oleksandrivna

Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist
Kyiv, Makiivska st., 8
Work experience:
More than 20 years, the clinic has been working since 2007.
Qualification, academic degree:
Doctor of the highest category, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Information about the doctor

  • Education

    She graduated from the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, she passed an internship in the specialty "obstetrician-gynecologist of children and adolescence" on the basis of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Kiev maternity hospital №3 and clinical residency in the specialty "obstetrics-gynecology".

  • Scientific activity, publications

    He is the author of numerous scientific works (42 scientific articles, 2 patents of Ukraine for a utility model).

  • Professional experience

    She worked as an obstetrician and gynecologist at the medical sanitary unit of the Leninskaya Kuznya plant. For 10 years she was a regional children's gynecologist of the Kyiv Regional Center for Maternal and Child Health. Since 2008, for 3 years, she headed the Neomed clinic. 2011 - 2020 - the general director of the MC "Mother and Child".

  • Internship abroad, conferences and seminars

    She was trained in the clinic of Birmingham (Great Britain), in the clinics of Canada and Russia. I took part in numerous conferences and symposia.

  • Membership in professional communities

    He is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM), the Russian Association for Human Reproduction (ARC), the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

  • Priority areas of work

    Auxiliary Reproductive Technologies.

Participation in organizations

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