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Calculators for pregnant women and planning
Calculators for pregnant women and planning

Calendar of pregnancy

The calculator will help you calculate the gestation period, the age of the fetus, the date of birth (PDR) and the pregnancy calendar by weeks and days, taking into account the duration of the menstrual cycle, the date of conception (ovulation), the results of ultrasound and after IVF.

How to correctly calculate the duration of pregnancy?

If the average cycle time differs from the "standard", it is likely that fertilization may occur earlier or later than the 14th day of the cycle. So, the real term of pregnancy may differ from that calculated by the doctor on the date of the last menstruation. For example, if a woman has a typical cycle duration of 35 days, rather than 28, then she probably will conceive only on the 21st day of the cycle, rather than on the 14th. The actual gestation period for the first week of "delay" in this case will correspond only to the 5th week of pregnancy (or the 3rd week from conception), while by the start date of the last menstruation it will be the 6th week!

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