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About Medical Center «Mother & Child»

"Mother and Child" is network of reproductive health medical centers located in different cities of Ukraine. The very name "Mother and Child" suggests the specialization of the medical center: it is infertility treatment, pregnancy care, prenatal diagnostics, genetics and gynecology, as well as urology and surgery. Thousands of children have been born thanks to the efforts and care of our specialists, and this number is growing every year.

"Mother and Child" is deservedly considered one of the best in Europe. Such  reputation was achieved not only thanks to the professionalism of the doctors, but also because we strive to create a psychologically comfortable atmosphere for our patients. High professionalism, advanced methods, psychological support and strict confidentiality - these are the main principles of activity of MC "Mother and Child".

Our doctors

All our doctors without exception are high-class specialists. All of them have the higher category, and many also have the scientific degree of Candidate or Doctor of Medical Sciences. They have many years of experience in the area of reproductive technologies, are constantly improving and updating their knowledge. Internships in the best foreign reproductive health clinics, scientific exchange during foreign and domestic conferences, congresses and seminars help them in this. Most of the specialists of the "Mother and Child" center are members of UARM - Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine, as well as ESHRE - European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. "Mother and Child" cooperates with Eli Geva, leading reproductive specialist in Israel, one of the world's best specialists in the area of pre-implantation diagnostics.

Our medical center keeps up with the latest scientific achievements in the  reproductive medicine area, we quickly implement innovative treatment methods, and to make it possible, we regularly update diagnostic, treatment and surgical equipment.

Atmosphere of trust and comfort

Reproductology is a medical discipline that combines the latest scientific achievements and a miracle. Professionalism is not enough to make a miracle possible. One of the conditions for success is the psychological comfort of patients, their trusting relationship with doctor, calm confidence in a positive result. Knowing this, the staff of the "Mother and Child" medical center makes a lot of efforts to create the most comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Our patients are surrounded by care and attention, we share with them all their anxieties and rejoice at their successes. The birth of a long-awaited baby is a holiday not only for the family, but also for doctors!

Areas of the activity

The “Mother and Child” Medical Center specializes in the following areas:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of all types of infertility.
  • Assisted reproductive technologies (ART).
  • Pregnancy planning.
  • Pregnancy care.
  • Prenatal diagnosis.
  • Genetic diagnostics.
  • Preimplantation diagnostics.
  • Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of urological diseases.
  • Surgery (abdominal, minimally invasive surgical treatment of gynecological diseases).
  • Laser treatment and plastic surgery.

Patients can consult specialists:

  • obstetrician-gynecologist;
  • fertility specialist;
  • geneticist;
  • urologist;

In-person and online consultations are held.

Our medical centers

The network of "Mother and Child" medical centers is represented by medical centers in Kyiv, on the right and left banks of the Dnipro, in Zhytomyr and in Lviv.

The Kyiv center on the right bank (vul. Makiivska, 8) specializes in surgery (there is large surgical department), genetic preimplantation diagnostics (the genetic laboratory operates), as well as assisted reproductive technologies, including oocyte donation and surrogate motherhood.

The Obolon center (pros. Heroiv Stalingradu, 8) specializes in pregnancy planning and care, including high-risk pregnancies, treatment of gynecological diseases, especially cervical pathologies, endocrine and inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system. There is modern laboratory where you can take tests.

The center in Kyiv on the left bank (vul. Yuriy Lytvynskoho, 54/15) specializes in ART, in particular oocyte donation, surrogate motherhood programs, operative treatment using modern minimally invasive methods — laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, as well as laboratory diagnostics.

The Pechersk branch (Klovsky Uzviz, 12A) priority area is infertility treatment, in particular ART, pregnancy care, and treatment of gynecological diseases. In the diagnostics department, you can do an ultrasound and pass tests.

Specialists of the Zhytomyr Center "Mother and Child" (Zhytomyr, vul. Velyka Berdychivska, 43) provide a full range of qualified support in the treatment of infertility, including ART, pregnancy care, and treatment of gynecological and urological diseases.

The center in Lviv specializes in ART, pregnancy care of any complexity, outpatient treatment of gynecological pathology, in particular of endocrine origin. There are modern departments of urology and surgery.

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